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Spanish Garden

Chilli & Garlic Couscous

Lavender Rice

For more information on how to make these dishes please check them out on our serving suggesions page or simply press the packs shots above.

Welcome to Gustosecco

Here you can find out more about us, our products and our passion for dried foods. Where better to start than with a selection of our products chosen to complement the best of local and seasonal foods in your area this Spring and Summer.

Gustosecco is the classic range of dried recipe ready-meals produced by us in Devon and first made in 2005 in a country kitchen in Dorset.

Gusto means enjoyment and Secco means dried and together they’re the Italian for a great- tasting range of Mediterranean and English recipes.

Gustosecco products are packaged by us at our own factory where we source ingredients ourselves and blend them to our own recipes.

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Basmati Rice Chickpeas


Pearled Spelt mushrooms and leek.

Wholemeal Couscous.

We’ve made our new range for people who love to eat healthy grains in delicious flavour combinations. Our fab four combine great grains with carefully-chosen ingredients to reflect the cuisines which inspired us. 100% natural and 101% delicious!